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Does Fairfield Tree Nurseries ship throughout North America?

Yes, we ship to many customers throughout North America and are committed to providing reliable and hassle free shipping anywhere in North America.

Who is reponsible for inspections, brokerages, and customs?

We arrange all the required inspections for products leaving Canada to certify that they are free of contaminants. We look after all brokerages, duties and customs items.

How much is the freight going to cost?

Freight costs vary throughout the year. Contact us for an estimate on your order.

How many days before my order is to be shipped must I place my order?

We prefer one week notice so we have time to organize the order. However, our minimum turnaround time is three days.

How long will my order be in transport?

The time varies depending upon your location. Contact us for an accurate estimation.

Who is responsible for the paperwork?

We provide all of the paperwork required to transport the order to your location.

Who is responsible for arranging the trucking?

Due to the relationship Fairfield Tree Nurseries has with various trucking companies it is easy for us to arrange the trucking. However, our customers are welcome to organize their own trucking if they desire.

How many trees fit on a truck?

Due to the difference in size and weight of our products it is difficult to estimate how much product can fit in one truck. Contact us for an accurate estimation of your order.


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